Install app on Android™

Sorry but you must be on your mobile device to install our app. Visit our website using your mobile phone and you’ll see the download button and instructions.

Tap to download the app on your mobile device


We’ve provided generic installation instructions with images. However, actual install may look different with your phone as app installation may vary from one device to another. The steps, though, are essentially the same.

Tap on “Package Installer”

Tap on the downloaded file “VitaPacific.apk” file

Since our app cannot be found on Google Play, your default mobile device settings is to block unknown apps. 

Tap on “Unblock” to allow install.

(on some devices, you are asked to go change your settings)

Tap on “Install”

Tap on “Open” to use the app

Once installation is complete, tap on “Delete” to delete the installation package which will no longer be needed.


You can now start using the VitaPacific Mobile App.